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Kodak Easyshare Sport – The first Kodak Camera Underwater

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Lovers of the sea, beach and, why not, swimming pool, open your eyes. That’s because to you the first underwater camera Kodak, Kodak Easyshare Sport, which can dive under water to a depth of 3 meters. Rsistente to dust, sand and dirt, the Kodak Easyshare Sport offers a resolution of 12 MP, 2.4 inch LCD screen, the Smart Capture feature (Smart Capture) of Kodak, multiple scene and color modes. That patience be with you: the new Kodak camera will only be available from spring 2011 in white, gray, red, yellow and blue.

Kodak Easyhare Sport is a camera that can operate up to 3 meters deep and is not afraid of dust. It is not a novelty, some time ago we had tried Casio Exilim G1 camera with similar characteristics, although higher-end. Let us see in detail Kodak EasyShare Sport.

Small and compact (92.2 mm × 66.6 mm × 29.4 mm), the camera is available in two vibrant colors – yellow and red – and also very light and easy to handle with one hand, with a weight of 175 grams battery and memory card included. The back is mostly occupied by a TFT LCD display diagonal of 61 mm to 112 thousand colors and pixels. This is accompanied by the rubber buttons to activate the related commands, such accession of that for us to share photos via social networks or the Web.

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