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Olympus Stylus 1 – Excellent quality

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Olympus STYLUS 1 is a pocket-sized camera, designed to be used in any situation with the manual settings. BSI CMOS sensor 1/1, 7 inches, the goal i.ZUIKO DIGITAL 10.7x (28-300mm *), TruePic VI Technology Fast AF, 12 scene modes, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Do not miss the features amateur as Art Filters to add to the images.

Excellent grip and grip thanks to the shape of the camera body derived from that of digital SLR cameras. Also good for manual control ring hybrid or digital main settings.

Compact size – 116.2 x 87 x 56.5 mm – 400 grams of weight and a range of optional accessories: Eyecup for the electronic viewfinder; the Full-body jacket that protects the camera and comes with a tailored cover for the camera; the 1.7x teleconverter to increase the focal length of the camera up to 510mm.

Olympus Stylus 1-Rear

In Search of The Perfect Camera – In the many years that we are dealing with digital cameras, we wondered if it was possible to achieve the ” ideal camera ” photographer for the connoisseur, if not for the professional, that would combine compactness, versatility and performance without going into the world reflex. Of interesting patterns, we have seen many, but still lacked some aspect: or zoom, or a sufficient extension of the same, or brightness, or manual control, or the expansion or the sensor is large enough to handle the acceptable high resolution and noise.

Compact Style E-M1 – Browsing through the features of the new Olympus Stylus 1, we realized that many of the above features is the camera in the mirrorless design recalls the series of high-end as the OM-D E-M1, and as far as possible in a compact design offers great versatility and quality of the materials used in the camera body, but also in the lenses. The body of machine is made of metal, measuring 116.2x87x56.5 mm (WxHxD) and weighs 402 g ready for use.

A Sensor of Compromise – It is not a full frame, as Sony has done, nor a APS-C as the Fujifilm X100 or the Nikon Coolpix A, but the Olyumpus Stylus 1 features a backlit CMOS sensor (we explain what it means here) 12 effective megapixels and sensitivity up to ISO 12800, and 25600 in extended mode for automatic programs, selectable in steps of 1/3 ev when working in manual.

Olympus Stylus 1-top

Zoom Quality Integrated with Plug – The goal is a i.Zuiko Digital 28-300 mm equivalent (10.7x) of a typical focal Super zoom – just type moreover promoted among the Olympus digital since the early twenty-first century; but to make a difference are the fixed f/2.8 aperture and the use of aspherical lens elements 8 on 12 of the optical unit. There is of course the stabilizer, in this case mounted on the optics, with Voice Coil Motor. The goal is threaded to add a 1.7x converter dedicated, most unusual and interesting, has an automatic locking system to strip (like the diaphragm) that solves the annoying issue of lens caps that either binds or becomes lost. The zoom lever has a dedicated control on the lens barrel, as some goals for Micro Four Thirds. Last but not least the built-in Neutral Density filter that reduces the light coming in at the same aperture and exposure time.

Customizable – The Olympus Stylus 1 offers, in addition to the scene modes (12) advanced automation such as double exposure, full manual control, facilitated by the presence of a ring around the lens, in addition to the adjustment ring on the upper cap. You can set up the white balance and manual focus, wide-area, and customize the delay timer.

Viewfinder and Monitor Well-Defined – Among other interesting features of the Olympus Stylus 1 there are the LCD resolution (pixels 1040.000) 3 ” and tilts, which control some functions, such as the focus and balance White One Touch. The viewfinder has 1,440,000 dots. WiFi is built-in and allows the control of the Olympus Stylus 1 from smartphones (now a standard for this type of camera.) Here the trick is interesting is the use of the QR Code for communicating the camera and the mobile device. The pop-up flash, with a range of 10 m, is replaced by a dedicated Olympus external flash, even wireless, burst to 7 fps up to 200 JPEG files. Finally, there are features like amateur gliArt Filters to add to the images. Presiding over all the functions and allow the speed of recovery is the Olympus TruePic VI processor.

Olympus Stylus 1-Viewfinder

Steady Even The Video – The videos are in full HD at 30 fps, supported by a dedicated digital stabilization system, while going down a resolution (to 640×480 pixels), the frame rate can be up to 240 fps, for 30 s. Video files can be a maximum of 4 GB each and resolutions Full-HD or HD last up to half an hour.

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