Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 – The Mid-Range SLR Systems and Economic

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This camera and was announced in May last year and now it’ s for a few months in the distribution circuit. Lumix DMC-G3 we feel with a 14-42 (f3.5-5.6 H-PS14042) and a 45-175 (f4-5.6 H-PS45175) is proposed as a choice to be evaluated to meet the summer holidays more than as an alternative to a compact, as a worthy alternative to an SLR economic, balanced for the price. Lumix DMC-G3 is the industry-standard  micro four thirds, evolution of the Four Thirds designed by Panasonic and Olympus in 2003 (you get closer to ten years) who in 2008 suffered a further reduction of the draft and the elimination of the typical mirror SLR. These last two features translate to the consumer in a compact, lightweight, but quality standard      not inferior to those of most cameras emblazoned.

Lumix DMC-G3 so it seems at first glance a compact, but it has interchangeable lenses and the kit for this system can replace many ways the experience with the camera. We will see in detail the pros and cons.

The Specifications

Meanwhile, some technical details. Lumix DMC-G3 works with a sensor 17.3 × 13 mm (relative Four Thirds, in fact) with 16 Megapixels, and able to capture frames and save them in Raw, how to shoot video in full HD, and proposes all control systems exposure and focuses to be found on SLR cameras with lighting control zones    of 144, sensitivity ISO up to 6,400, with exposure compensation, manual focus system, AFS and AFC ( even when shooting video). It can also be chosen with only a touch on the finger area of ​​focus because instead of the shot is displayed or the display with adjustable compass opening (180 degrees rotation and 270 degrees), or through the viewfinder electronic with diopter correct.

Among the systems of exposure, Lumix DMC-G3 balance freedom of settings required by the professional via the control priority of exposure time, aperture, program and manual with default settings using 23 scenes, or presets a priori. Finally, Panasonic has also improved the system iA (intelligent automatic now the second generation Plus). We prefer to postpone other technical details directly on the manufacturer’s website to focus on our experience of use.

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