Panasonic Lumix FX77 – The Camera with Virtual MakeUp

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Panasonic Lumix FX77 is ready to amaze you. The room offers something truly innovative repute is the virtual function makeup, a breakthrough technology Allows That, in a few steps to apply the virtual make up to a picture just taken.

We speak, for example,  the Cosmetic Mode which gives the Possibility to eliminate minor skin imperfections and even adds a virtual tan, while, thanks to the “Beauty Retouch Mode” you can make minor adjustments: such as  teeth whitening or elimination of dark circles. Women care, blackberries what do you want?

But it does not end here. Among other features of the new born in the house of the Japanese manufacturer is the presence of a screen 3.5 inch touchscreen, a 12.1 megapixel sensor, Leica lens with 5X optical zoom stabilized and the ability to record movies in high definition.

The combination of a 5x wide-angle ultra fast, tested FX series, and a sensitive CCD sensor 12 megapixels, is a solid foundation for the FX77. The fast lens f / 2,5 is at a higher level than most of the competitors of the FX77, allowing the camera to capture lighter,  and very effectively, allowing you to use a lower ISO speed achieving results that would normally only be achieved with iso more high.

The picture quality is slightly better than the previous model FX70, with a bit of noise at ISO 400, which becomes more evident to ISO 800 in addition to the appearance of spots in detail, while the maximum speed of ISO 1600 and something to use only as a last resort. The ability to record Full HD video with stereo sound, more various creative effects and full use of the zoom, are the icings on the cake.

The touch screen interface is, for most occasions, carefully thought out.   The system is not overly complex for new users, except for the fact that the camera does reliance on the icons for its operation, an element that requires a certain amount of guesswork on the part of users, but just takes a little hand to succeed to move easily through the menus.

It is difficult to judge this approach totally entrusted to the touch mode in a digital camera, but the ability to concentrate and even to capture the subject with just the touch of a finger is undeniably interesting and really helpful. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 may seem at first sight a camera unpretentious, but offers a lot of cutting-edge technology in a body rather simple element that makes it more easy to get good photos with minimal effort. If you are already converted to the touch-screen technology, the FX77 is a perfect proposal.

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