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Pentax 645Z: Dream medium format

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Ricoh has introduced its new digital SLR medium format Pentax 645Z four years after the model Pentax 645D. The depth and realism in the service of a professional image.

Pentax has finally lifted the veil on its jewel for a digital photography medium format Pentax 645Z, a concentration of sensitivity for maximum expression in photography. This camera is a dream come four years after the model Pentax 645D, and of course it is improper to speak of a simple upgrade, because we are dealing with mature evolution of photography in a medium format, first of all, for the sensor revolution.

The model 645Z protects the electronic parts with an aluminum die-casting, weather sealed against moisture and dust, and protected with 76 seals (the camera can operate down to -10 degrees). At the center, however, there is, in fact, the new sensor: from 51.4 Megapixel CMOS, the size of 4.38x 3.28 cm approximately 1.7 times that of a full-frame 35mm sensor. The sensor is equipped with the device for removing dust Dust Removal II (DRII), supported by a system alert that notifies the user of the presence of the powder itself (Dual Alert). Dust Removal works by swinging the UV filter / IR prefixed to the image sensor at ultrasonic frequencies using a piezoelectric element.

The sensor works in communication with the Prime III processor, with no anti-aliasing filter. The manufacturer declares minimum noise levels, observation likely given the quality of the CMOS, the possibility of getting to work in ISO 204,800, and then the margin of tolerance in the context of an opening of the gap much broader. As for the shutter speed, the camera captures three images per second (possibility remarkable given the category) and continuous shooting up to 10 images in RAW or 30 JPEG files. It’s compatible with UHS speed class-1 during data storage and provides USB 3.0 interface to transfer to another device.

Pentax 645Z - Rear

The camera has an optical viewfinder as well as a digital LCD display (3.2-inch tempered glass on the frame magnesium alloy) inclined with respect to the vertical plane and even with two brackets to the body. The optical viewfinder displays the image not bounced from normal pentaprism, but from a first glass of new conception trapezoidal to save space while maintaining the 98 percent of the visual field with the screen focus Natural-Bright-Matte. It’s can use the Live View (with contrast detection AF) and finally also in this top category comes the ability to record Full HD video in H.264 format (with built-in stereo microphone or external mini-jack socket). Regarding the mesa to fire it exploits the technology phase detection Safox 11 of 27 points; Pentax 645Z records the luminous flux front of the lens f 2.8, which is useful when high brightness may affect the analysis of focus (AF -3EV to 18EV).

As an accessory to download photos on your smartphone Pentax now offers the optional memory card for Pentax Flucard 16GB O-FC1. This camera adapter allows the user to activate the shutter, check the Live View image and browse or download the images on the card using a smartphone. Registration is usual photos of dual slot SD card, and you can enter directly in the process of shooting the images of copyrights. In addition to the USB 3.0 is the HDMI connector type Q. If a time you worked with the cameras roll 6 × 6 and well, today can still happen in the professional to work with the camera upside down and Pentax, even in this Medium format digital has designed a system for auto-rotate image 180 degrees when using the camera upside down.

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