Samsung EX2F – As the Market Evolves the Compact Consumer

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To cope with the decline in sales you have to work for the evolution of the offer, without. However,  betraying the dik-tat of the market and thus at Photokina 2012 (filed as early in July) Samsung brings a camera for the photographer consumer evolved, with some features from camera peak, almost SLR.

Samsung EX2F is a small, minimal, very light (with lens F 1.4, and this is a first step badge), with built-in WiFi and the ability to capture images in Raw (these are the two other qualities).

The 12.4 megapixel sensor (no record, but enough) is a relationship with BSI CMOS 1/1.7 (we are in the realm of 4:3). The camera can capture full HD video at 30fps and the photographer frames through the 3-inch rotating AMOLED display Samsung EX2F also works with a dual stabilizer (OIS and Dis). Immediate sharing of frames possible thanks to built-in WiFi also includes the provision for the cloud SkyDrive (7 Gbytes of space) or the instant publication on Facebook, YouTube and Picasa. The same system of reflex most renowned, like the Canon 6D, allows you to connect with your smartphone and the tablet to remotely control the device remotely.

In the park of accessories already available are: Flash SEF42A (42Gn), external microphone (EM10), applicable to the optical viewfinder on the camera accessory shoe (OVF1), a conversion lens to extend the zoom to panoramic shots of up to a focal length of 18mm. The price around $290, to establish the membership of the right compact for advanced amateur photographers.

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