Samsung PL-120 – Dual Display Camera

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From a distance, the Samsung PL120 seems a modest compact digital camera that could get lost in the multitude of similar models on the shelf of a shop, but a closer examination, however, reveals some interesting features for a camera so cheap. Take, for example, 14.2 Mpixel CCD sensor, the feature for face recognition, its 26mm wide-angle lens, the ability to capture 720p HD video streams, a large number of special effects filters, the possibility of photo frames and insert a small LCD monitor on the front for taking self-portraits or to capture children’s attention when we shoot their pictures.

“To be a small camera economic Samsung PL120 in this there are a lot of things. Indeed, one could argue that this is too small PL120, especially on the back. Fact, to be a camera with a body so compact , the presence of a very large number of buttons is almost too much at times cumbersome. The main feature of the PL120 is, without a doubt, the front screen that makes it easy to produce self-portraits and a bit faster shooting children.

This small-screen works    brilliantly for self-portraits. We also tried to use the nice animations, which when played back on the small-screen  front, they immediately attracted the attention of children, making it easy to take photos of them. I  just wish these animations to attract their eyes, but it made them smile. That said, there are many other animations that can be downloaded from the Samsung website and some that will suit us find the seam or other body.

The build quality is good, and the Samsung PL120 offers a pleasant feeling of solidity, element really great considering that it is a camera that is available right now on the market. We expected to see more plastic at this price level, but also the plastic pieces, such as the battery door does not feel weak. The Samsung PL120 can   produce images good enough.

Do not expect amazing results, but the images produced are in any case quite sharp, the colors are realistic and the sensor produces a decent dynamic range. To use everyday and for the feasts of our children, the Samsung PL120 is a great option. The 5x optical zoom is good enough for most of the situations that you face and is therefore, particularly suitable for amateur use one in the family.

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